I awake early in the morning 

Before dawn, just to listen 

To my breath, and the light vibrations of my heart 

To warm your side of the bed…

I’m awake, to hear the motor of my freezer running, and the drips from the bathroom sink

The ticking clock…

To take cold comfort in the dark, stark naked 

Then quickly bundle up in my soft blanket and crisp sheet

To feel the presence of my cat watching me from afar, my feline guardian 

He’ll be the one to love me the most 

I awake early just to hear the city outside my window finally sleep 

And to be the first to witness the jungle’s rise 

Caught Up (in my feelings)

Caught me crying in the corner

Caught up in my feelings

I’m all up in my feelings

Screaming at the ceiling

I thought you loved me

So why did you let me go?

I thought you were sorry, honey

So where is the show?

Caught me in tears, erratic

I’m so damn dramatic

Love is sick, it’s problematic

I can barely speak

Gasping for second chances

I forgot we’ve already had 4-6 dances

The roof is on fire, burning oak

I’m overheating, bleeding hearts will make you croak

Should just run my sorry a$$ a hot bath

I need to soak

Caught up in my feelings

I thought you loved me, so why did you let me go?

Like Cherry Pie

i find places…different spaces…

tied and tangled, knotted like my Nike laces


a village underground where the songs rarely shuffle…

lyrics sound quite the same to me

but the melody…

the tune, the acoustics still bring out

a heart-felt insanity…


new experiences…not all old…not at all subdued…

more unfiltered, more unglued

a little bit of beautiful, specks of crude

sweetened awareness, shaken

by a cold-blooded brute


and i laugh and i cry…at all the contradictions

and all of the deception

drink it all down

what is bitter now, soon tastes like cherry pie


Take my hand and lead me into the fire

I struggle to feel lovely things

You branded me a liar

Sentenced to the sun, ignite my face

Scorching lava down my torso, liquid skin

Burning tongue, I can not taste

No hesitation, push me in

Drowning in a sea of flames

An inferno, scorching my name

Let the blaze swallow me whole

Embers raining from my soul




Someone (in the crowd) at the Disco

No Cecile, no receipt

The disco is calling me

Saw someone, who I can’t let be

Lets pound this tall gin n’ tea

Liquid courage slips me into the crowd 

I see her face. Bass is growing loud 

Bright lights pulsing through dark clouds

Kiss me please. I can’t stop this room from spinning around 

So cliche for me to call out 

You turn and smile

I can’t catch up. I can barely breath 

You reach for my arm

I almost fall to my knees

Who are you? A love from my dreams 

She’s swaying faster

We sink further, and I catch her 

I’m so high, I’ve lost all sense of time 

Dancing this hard should be a crime

Like an Eagle

There’s a freedom that comes with being alone

I begged for your release and now  I am invisible

I am the brick walls and the sun’s rays

I no longer have a name

I am a whisper. Graffiti. A paraphrase.

I am stripped naked on a busy back alley

Even a school of bees would fail to notice the nectar in my floral scent


Then there’s the fear that comes with being alone

I can trip and fall to my demise

With no assurance that your hands will ever catch me again

But then…

What if I flew?

What if I flew?

What if  I flew?

Stretch my arms and legs from out beneath me, head tilted up towards the stars

What if I flew?

I could soar to heights I’ve only dreamed of

Like an eagle…