Good Morning
I missed your pretty face
Touch of your curvy waist
Tell me you feel the same
Don’t turn away
I’m stuck in loving thoughts
Plum cherry lips
Plumped- pucker up
Undress me with your emerald eyes
I like the way you stare
Blueberry wavy hair
Admire how your coco freckles lie
I salute them from collar to sculpted back
Remembering your marvelous mystique
Statuesque physique. Strong. Soft. Hard. Tight. Open.
I tease. You exhale the scent of an ocean breeze
I pedal down your side. Detour your thighs and melon bottom
Dipping into sweet musk and daisies…




I swear I’ve done this before. Rode until I was broken and sore. This carousel. Another ride lost. Would hop on and twirl. Straddle all night until my seat caught fire and turned to dust. Spin spin. A ballerina on a hot rod. Vision blurry. Hearts throb. Speeding so fast, I fumble into your wicked pod.

Ouch. I got an ouchie. Fell on my head. Whipped lips bleed. Hips slouchie. Crashed hard. Bruised and scarred. I just want to cry. Cry cry baby. Let me be your cry baby. I can’t help but cry, baby. Ever seen a man sob like a baby?

Mama warned me. She knew this wouldn’t work. Truth be told. I fein the thrill. To chase the shadows where love and pain lurk.

Release my hand. Dust the clovers from my waist. Tears have dried. I looked to your sunshine. Now I can’t bear your face. Round and round in the same space. I dreamed of shooting stars. Silly me, carousels don’t fly. Spun me along with no glittering cloud in sight.

You promised me fuckn’ nine.


You never come late

When I call out

Right around the corner

As soon as I open my mouth

No one shifts me like you do

Just as I pull away

You flip me around

Beg me to stay

Take my hand

Lead the way

Fear dies

When we fall

Into each other’s eyes

And, as cheesy as it sounds

The rest of the world evaporates

When you’re around…