Love Street Blues

I learned my lesson

Too typical to call it a blessing

Wiped your tears out of your bathroom sink

Mistaken, clearly missed the discrepancies

I have been held up in a sweet flippant fantasy

Touch me, squeeze me, pretend that you need me

A fixture, a perfect picture

Twisted into a shallow codependency

Hand me my bag

Give me my shoes

Is that my watch on the dresser?

I’ll grab that too

Broken heels hitting the pavement

Among lost strangers

Singing the Love Street Blues…



Flip me upside down 

I don’t care

Take my money

Have the shirt off my back, my underwear 

Are you done?

I’m unsure of where this is going 

Do you have what you need?

Shake me for loose change 

No matter what you ask, I can’t change 

I hear someone calling 

Panic at the disco, maniacs keep brawling 

Bitches keep wailing 

All this smoke, I keep enhaling 

Silly silly goose, mama let you on the loose

Got nothing to prove, but you idolize Van Halen

Release me so I can sail again 

Dance, I just want to prance across this sinking ship

Rocking through a purple haze trip 

Barking cats and sparkling whips 

I have no idea where I am…

9:45 am

Slowly the revelation hits

Lovely egotistic illusions waning

And the compassion churns inside

Got me feeling

Things I try to deny

Things I try to hide

Like a butterfly with a stressed wing

I’m trying to fly

Like turbulent waves

I can’t sit quietly

And watch the seconds turn into days

How dare we attempt to just lay and watch it pass us by…