Flip me upside down 

I don’t care

Take my money

Have the shirt off my back, my underwear 

Are you done?

I’m unsure of where this is going 

Do you have what you need?

Shake me for loose change 

No matter what you ask, I can’t change 

I hear someone calling 

Panic at the disco, maniacs keep brawling 

Bitches keep wailing 

All this smoke, I keep enhaling 

Silly silly goose, mama let you on the loose

Got nothing to prove, but you idolize Van Halen

Release me so I can sail again 

Dance, I just want to prance across this sinking ship

Rocking through a purple haze trip 

Barking cats and sparkling whips 

I have no idea where I am…


country-meadowI stare out my window

Watching a colony of people

Frolicking around the meadow

Dancing amongst the bumble bees, with honey in their springs

And air beneath their wings

They banter about, searching

Playfull ferocity

Looking for a pasture that is greener

More perfect than the last they’ve seen (It’s never green enough!)

All to lay their pretty heads

To dream up the most beautiful dream

But nothing is found

No turning back around

And soon, the town grows tired

And, the day turns dire

And everyone falls along the rotten ground…

Lovers Inferno

In this darkest night
A sadistic world with fiery caves
Banshees scorching the clouds
Reptiles with gargantuan appetites
In this rapturous plight
Our love will conquer everything

Rescued you from a hell
Far from home
Rescued you from a deep red sea
Adrift in fear
Stripped cold
Stranded alone
But, we shalt not drown

I feel the heat rise underneath
As we escape
Burning bridges, and slices of death
An inferno flaming beneath
Searing bones chest deep
Our magic will wake the dead
An eruption from a vicious sleep

Hold me tight
Squeeze me till my last breath
Uplifts you out of this evil pit
Dive into my tiger’s eye
Kiss me hard for this last time
Hard till you taste my soul
Imprison me within your heart
Until we reunite on the other side


Sex Pot

You’re my secret sex pot
Soft and sweet
Piping up
I drop to my knees

You’re my secret sex pot
Supple and candied
Burnt candelabra
Caught in wax and steam

Smoke in the air
Sweat in my hair
Silhouettes in the air
Tender whispers
Sprawled out
And bare in your lair

Tasty honey
I’m panting for you
Chocolate lava
I’m drowning in you

You’re my secret sex pot
Please don’t leave
The way you’ve snatched me
May I have more? Pretty please?