I created streams of pinot down your eggshell wall
Forgot the buns in the toaster, waiting for your call
I eat ice-cream in your bed because it gets me sticky n’messy
This headache screams you strayed again. Fuck’r wants to test me.

Stretched out. Entangled in your “day after” vanilla sheets
Plowing fists into the headboard provides no relief
I insanely burst at how playing the fool can sting
I howl at a cheating moon that no longer sings

As I scribble this lyric across your back wall mural
A line so insanely wicked, you will stumble upon as a bit serial
I’ll stab my i’s and slit my t’s
Bludgeon the “F“, and drag the tail on the “y” until it bleeds

Puffin smoke.  Such a sexy bloke.
These lips now spit fire. I hope you choke.
Soul shaking through. Hoping you’ll return soon.
I’ve got some thing bloody wicked

…something wicked for you….



Cheaters Anonymous

Heard you officially moved on. That was quick. Found yourself a manly chick. Tooth suckin, finger snapping, hip swaying kinda dude. Swore you said you weren’t into the sissy type of attitude. Naomi Campbell kinda dude. Does he makes you happy? Does he get you in the mood?

Saw his hashtag across instagram, #meandmylove. Betrayal is real. Apparently what life is made up of. I’m curious what he’s doing better than me? Does he make you cry? Tears of ecstasy? Does he make you beg? Get you wetter than me?

I’m surprised this is what you left me for. Thought you went to buy milk. But you’re sexing on his floor. At flea markets and festivals for all to see. Are you going to move him in too? Promise him trips to exotic countries?

I must admit, there were a few times I thought about intruding your place. Knock on your door, smack him, and empty my cappuccino in your face. Grab my Gucci suits. Cuz I paid for that! Snatch up your rolexes and Prada shoes cuz I was made for that! Kick over the bleach and drop my cig on the way out. I’ll be that crazy bitch your mom warned you about.

But, that’s OK. I’ll let you get away. Will cancel our cruise. Won’t fight for you to pay. Removed your number. Won’t even bother. I’ll leave you to the greatest bitch of all. Her name is Karma.