Love It (Record Player)

Record Player

I love it how you rub my hair.
Love it how you blow kisses in the air.
Slap me around. Throw me down.
I love how we play around
To the music and sound.
The treble. That bass.
I love that soothing pound.
Getting lost in you, and I clench my breath.
Letting go frightens me, and I silently detest.

Record player on repeat.
Bodies swaying to the sound track.
I take control of your hips.
You tease the steam down my pulsating back.
Pulling you in close. You whisper in my ear.
“You are not alone. I am here.”

Like This…

Once upon a time not quite like this
I yearned for a sweetness just like this.
A touch like this.
A kiss like this.

Never knew butterflies couldĀ soarĀ like this
Or the sun would shine like this.
Smile like this.
So warm like this.

Never wrote a poem that sung like this.
Think I’ll stay for a while…

Pencil Heart