My Poetic Project

Poetry, forever my mystique lover
My heart refuses to quit…

Why Ask Why?
Why Poetrysnob? Why a blog? Why now? Why? Why? Why? Just a few of the questions I would get asked or even ask myself when I decided to shop around the idea of me actually launching my own blog, a place for me to finally unleash all of my creative thoughts and expressions onto one playing field… a project that would ultimately be the start to something greater for my art and ideas. I say “shop” because it was me not only trying to sell myself on the idea of possibly exploring a passion of mine (funny how I had to convince myself), but also looking for that endorsement from my peers. I thought getting  inspired was simple, but I guess one still needs motivation and drive to start and hopefully finish… so here I go. I spent a whole year (maybe almost two) trying to figure out what path, what voice, what time, and so… I ask myself what now? Why now? Well, now is a better time than next week or next year, and last month has already passed, so why not now? Just continue to write and see what happens. It should be like planting a seed, watering it, and watching it grow. And, not forgetting to sing to it once in a while.

My Blog Title
I have always enjoyed writing in all shapes, sizes, forms, and colors. Prose allowed me to explore my love for storytelling, but poetry gave me the ability to not only tell a story, but to sing one, to make a strong statement in three lines or less, to share an intimate secret without exposing too much, and it quickly became my go-to kind of art. It was evident that “poetry” should be in the title. But, “snob?”…where does that come from? I like the way it sounds, and how it almost doesn’t make sense…but it kinda does. And, how it can have multiple meanings, but that’s only if you want it to. To be a snob is to be over-confident and greater than, to believe you are better and there is no question about it. You are superior. In most cases, this is a negative word and is in no way meant to be a form of flattery. But, when you are in your own creative space, exploring and creating art, drawing your own path with no excuses and no reservations, I believe there is no better way to be then… SUPER.

My Mission
To celebrate, explore and discover the poetry in my everyday life. To reflect and to create. To have fun. To get personal. To practice and critique. And, most of all, to get poetic.

So, there you have it… Poetrysnob.

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