I swear I’ve done this before. Rode until I was broken and sore. This carousel. Another ride lost. Would hop on and twirl. Straddle all night until my seat caught fire and turned to dust. Spin spin. A ballerina on a hot rod. Vision blurry. Hearts throb. Speeding so fast, I fumble into your wicked pod.

Ouch. I got an ouchie. Fell on my head. Whipped lips bleed. Hips slouchie. Crashed hard. Bruised and scarred. I just want to cry. Cry cry baby. Let me be your cry baby. I can’t help but cry, baby. Ever seen a man sob like a baby?

Mama warned me. She knew this wouldn’t work. Truth be told. I fein the thrill. To chase the shadows where love and pain lurk.

Release my hand. Dust the clovers from my waist. Tears have dried. I looked to your sunshine. Now I can’t bear your face. Round and round in the same space. I dreamed of shooting stars. Silly me, carousels don’t fly. Spun me along with no glittering cloud in sight.

You promised me fuckn’ nine.

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