Lovers Inferno

In this darkest night
A sadistic world with fiery caves
Banshees scorching the clouds
Reptiles with gargantuan appetites
In this rapturous plight
Our love will conquer everything

Rescued you from a hell
Far from home
Rescued you from a deep red sea
Adrift in fear
Stripped cold
Stranded alone
But, we shalt not drown

I feel the heat rise underneath
As we escape
Burning bridges, and slices of death
An inferno flaming beneath
Searing bones chest deep
Our magic will wake the dead
An eruption from a vicious sleep

Hold me tight
Squeeze me till my last breath
Uplifts you out of this evil pit
Dive into my tiger’s eye
Kiss me hard for this last time
Hard till you taste my soul
Imprison me within your heart
Until we reunite on the other side



I never mind when he takes advantage of me. Head pressed down. Slapped around and bruised. I’ll never tell. Force out smiles to distract from the swell. Hands clasped over my mouth so neighbors can’t hear the yell. Wouldn’t dare to dream of sneaking out. Too stunned to speak out.  Can’t imagine running away without you leading me by the hand. My hero. My captor. My man. My hell. My love no one will ever understand.



Met with a stranger today
Who spoke about love and loss
He said, “Just because we love
Doesn’t mean we lose
Doesn’t mean we can’t lose
Doesn’t mean we won’t lose
The breakthrough comes
When we love through the bruise
Embracing your truth
The truth within you
And that love, And that light
The light in your life
The life that you are living
The life you are leading
The heaven. The hell.
The universe, and its teachings.”

But I’ve been brooding in the depths of
My own doom and gloom
For weeks, deep in a shadow’s clutch
Tucked away in my own once bright bedroom
With no wish to leave – No hope to breathe
Spawning my own crypt. Becoming my own enemy
A coward towered over on all grimy hands and knees
A heartache from which sadness bleeds
I am broken…

“Not broken. Alive.”