Met with a stranger today
Who spoke about love and loss
He said, “Just because we love
Doesn’t mean we lose
Doesn’t mean we can’t lose
Doesn’t mean we won’t lose
The breakthrough comes
When we love through the bruise
Embracing your truth
The truth within you
And that love, And that light
The light in your life
The life that you are living
The life you are leading
The heaven. The hell.
The universe, and its teachings.”

But I’ve been brooding in the depths of
My own doom and gloom
For weeks, deep in a shadow’s clutch
Tucked away in my own once bright bedroom
With no wish to leave – No hope to breathe
Spawning my own crypt. Becoming my own enemy
A coward towered over on all grimy hands and knees
A heartache from which sadness bleeds
I am broken…

“Not broken. Alive.”

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