This Night

Lets not say goodnight just yet
Damn me, I’ve lost my sight
Of what’s true and desired
Giving up is easy, when you fear the fire

No crying ourselves to sleep tonight
I’d rather walk ten miles in the cold
We lay together in a bed, alone
No longer touching or holding
No longer dreaming on your shoulder

We fuss in an empty room
With nothing to hold on to
Howling and shrieking into the depths
Of madness and foolish plight
Broken and dragging each other down

I don’t wish for this to be our last night
If you tell me it is, I’d rather spend it by your side
Wipe my tears and kiss my lips
Hold me tight, and whisper blurred promises in my ear
We’ll make believe we are flying higher than ever
Through the rest of this night…


Have a grave feeling I just can’t shake
A dark paranoia, even Jack couldn’t
Help me binge away.

Shadowy figures still appear
On your side of the bed
Whispering, taunting, praising
Above your head.
I’ve witnessed fearfully as you sleep
Peacefully in harm’s way.
Something is haunting you.
Grimace across its face.
Burnt rubber bleeds through the air.
Too panicked to move.
Can’t remember what to say.
Frozen still. Caught in a chilling stare.
Pleading for the light of day.

Good morning, I’m thankful…
I look at you from across the table.
Enjoying your corn cakes and maple.
I force out a smile, exhausted and baggy eyed.
Whisper I love you, and hope we’ll survive the next night.