Have a grave feeling I just can’t shake
A dark paranoia, even Jack couldn’t
Help me binge away.

Shadowy figures still appear
On your side of the bed
Whispering, taunting, praising
Above your head.
I’ve witnessed fearfully as you sleep
Peacefully in harm’s way.
Something is haunting you.
Grimace across its face.
Burnt rubber bleeds through the air.
Too panicked to move.
Can’t remember what to say.
Frozen still. Caught in a chilling stare.
Pleading for the light of day.

Good morning, I’m thankful…
I look at you from across the table.
Enjoying your corn cakes and maple.
I force out a smile, exhausted and baggy eyed.
Whisper I love you, and hope we’ll survive the next night.

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