A month later and I’m back at the desk
Upright, pen in hand, bare chest, robed
Chamomile tea and honey

I wanted to write something special
For you, my new year. To reflect on the end of 2014
And, to be inspired by the upcoming journey of 2015
I took a break. Allowed my mind to rest in-between the takes

Released my thoughts to wander aimlessly
No focus. No destination. No deadline. No need to write it all down
An open space. An open road
For all to cross

Across my mind they came
Sixth grade friends. My child’s fondest memories
Old and new inspirations. The ones that push me further towards my goals
Family I adore. Laughter unheard of
Lovers. Teachers. Believers in the dream. People I miss

Regrets came by too.
An uncle, I wish I ignored
A brother, whose life I wish I had the chance to save
And, a grandfather who left this earth too soon
without saying goodbye

I crossed my mind. All versions of me
From different times. Different dimensions
All seemed healthy and happy. Loved
They reminded me of things I forgot
Reassured me of the things I began to doubt

I was in-between. It was an unwinding place to be…



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